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Helixfood aims to processing edible snails Helix aspersa Müller. Considerable emphasis is put on high quality, which has to delight the most demanding palates. Everything is under the control of a modern and advanced technological process which ensures repeatability of products.

High quality is also a merit of the raw material. The products are exclusively composed of first-class snails, so without compromise. A rigorous selectivity is the result of increasingly higher demands of the market. Only specialized farms can meet this challenge. Snails delivered to us comes from ecological Breeding operated under specific conditions of the ecosystem.

Access to the entire production process allows research and development of quality and innovation. The value of the product, next to the meat, provide inter alia shells which are an important part of a visual. There are still a lot of little things that only by appropriate use, together make up the unique taste and quality.

All this is completed by aromatic spices with fresh vegetable additives from the daily selection to achieve harmony between aroma and flavor.

We invite you to cooperate and enjoy your meal.


To create and control the quality, important is experience.

Years of practice, connecting hundreds of hours of study, analysis and testing;
Finding innovative and effective solutions;
Definitely in realizing goals;
Resistance to external barriers and superficial position.
Briefly describe the beginning of Helixfood.

Excellent knowledge of the product had a decisive influence when creating technological processes. Measures known from the beginning, such as the analysis and tests again became the subject of daily work. This time over the final product.

Undoubtedly an obvious was the constantly work on new ideas, efforts to make brand more recognizable, and fast reactions to external behavior. These and many other activities have their continuation to the present day, and the knowledge that was developed successfully helps in the management of the production process.

Now everyone has a chance get to know wonderful taste of delicate meat of snails. Nutritional values will also appreciate individuals who take care of diet.


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